Sport Coilover Kit (Inox) for Audi A3 Convertible (8P)


Sport Coilover Kit (Inox) for Audi A3 Convertible (8P).

The Sport series suspension is an offer for lovers of significant lowering and stiffer characteristics, a set dedicated to demanding drivers.

Suitable for the following engine(s) only:
1.2 TFSI
1.4 TFSI
1.6 TDI
1.8 TFSI
1.9 TDI
2.0 TDI
2.0 TFSI


Tech Specs

Lowering (Front)35 - 70 mm
Lowering (Rear)35 - 60 mm
Max. Load Front Axle1036 - 1170 kg
Max. Load Rear Axle-1150 kg

Product Description

2 year warranty 2 year warranty with no mileage limit to confirm high quality.
High quality suspension components Suspension components characterized by increased corrosion resistance and made of the highest quality materials.
Twin tube technology The use of twin-tube technology guarantees stable shock absorber performance.
Gas pressurised Pressurised gas presses the hydraulic fluid, eliminating the "foaming" effect of the oil (an undesirable and typical for oil shock absorbers phenomenon), which means higher efficiency for continuous, intensive work.
Threaded bodies Specially selected type of thread and a wide range of suspension adjustment allows optimal setting of the car height.
Hexacoil spring perch Innovative hexaCOIL spring perch, significantly increasing the comfort of suspension height adjustment.
Eibach springs Coilover springs made by Eibach, the world leader in the sport springs industry.

Additional Notes

Front and rear axle height adjustable (threaded shock absorber housing on the front, dampers, springs and height adjustable elements on the rear)

If the vehicle is equipped with a stock sport suspension, the lowering mentioned in this catalogue will be relatively lower

During the installation of suspension set the clearance between tire/rim and suspension strut shall be checked. The minimum allowed gap is 5mm (0,2 inch). Otherwise use certificated wheel spacers

In some cases it might be necessary to dismount the rear adjustment to achieve the maximum lowering

Rear thread adjustment block is mounted on the top

Installation is also possible for vehicles with electronic damping force adjustment. The electronic system must be deactivated in this case

For easier height adjustment, we recommend removing the rear adjustment, changing the position of the spring plate and reinstalling the adjustment on the car.

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